My New Favorite Blog…

I follow a lot of blogs.  My Google Reader is now down to only about 170 unread, and that’s pretty good for me.

But every once in a while one pops up somewhere, something someone else links to, that I just immediately love and which moves right away to the front of my must-read list.

This week I discovered…CRUNCHY BETTY!

She’s funny, irreverent, hip, and offers a lot of great information. The first one I discovered was “Bathroom Cleaning (psst–I mean Make Your Own Love Balm.” Read this–assuming you’re over 18–and you’ll know what I mean. I found her when I was looking for some hair recipes (this is a post for another day–the teaser is simply that I have finally found a way to not wash my hair every day and also be afraid to go out of the house on the off days.) And once I found her, I just kept reading and reading,  Check out “10 foods you have in your kitchen that could be on your face.” Or “Easy Homemade Hand Sanitizer.” Or…heck, just go and poke around yourself.

Part of me wants to grumble and crank a bit, because she’s exactly the blogger I wish I was but am just sort of…not. But mostly I just enjoy reading her. And her natural beauty recipes–for ANYONE who, like me,  a) is cheap (er….frugal! I meant frugal!) , b) doesn’t like putting nasty scary untested chemicals all over our faces, bodies, and hair, and c) likes to give the appearance of decent personal hygiene and wants to Look Nice without sacrificing a) and b)–are just plain fabulous. She’s tried them, this isn’t someone who pokes around on the web finding other people’s recipes and then happily posts them unresearched, this is stuff she’s worked out. (Er…just FYI, I don’t generally post untested things on here either, and if I do, I’m usually pretty up-front about it.  And when I post a recipe while I’m making it, I go back and add a “verdict” at the end to let you know whether it worked or, you know, sort of sucked.  Like the Pumpkin-Oatmeal cookies, which were so good right out of the oven but tasted like pumpkin-cinnamon chalk by the next day. I still think they can be good with some judicious tweaking…)

This blog is a must-read.

(And by the way, before I forget–another great food blog to read, if you don’t already, is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. She is not above using some processed things, and she is not shy about her butter use, which puts most of her recipes off the table for me right now during my lifestyle shift time,  but when I can relax my habits a bit I’m totally going to try her Monster Cookies recipe. And don’t even glance at her Cinnamon Rolls unless you want to need Crunchy Betty’s anti-cellulite recipes sooner than you’d hope…)


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  1. You are a dear! I’ve bookmarked this post to go back and read when I’m feeling down in the dumps.

    My favorite part? You put me in the same post as the illustrious PW.


    Feel free to drop me an email sometime. I’d love to hear from you personally.

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