Can we now blame obesity on BPA?

Check this out, over at MNN–

Is BPA Making you Fat?

(First of all, can I just request that the blogging community, especially on higher profile blogs, please learn the difference between “affect” and “effect”? Both are verbs, both are nouns, and both have very specific usages in each context and make grammar snobs wince and want to take you less seriously when you mis-use them.  Thank you.)

Okay, while I as much as the next person would love to blame anything for my extra 25 lbs. than the fact that I just plain eat too much, I admit this is both a) interesting and b) skepticism-inducing.

On the one hand–we are hearing more and more about these “endocrine disruptors”–chemicals that affect how the body processes and stores fat cells. (Or you could say, they effect a change in how the body processes and stores fat cells…or, they have an effect on how the body processes and stores fat cells. Note the subtle differences in the affect of each alternative sentence choice?)  And I do buy it–It makes sense, you know? We put all this weird chemically stuff into our bodies with no idea what affect if will have on our bodies, so if they are now discovering, “wow! this stuff causes our bodies to behave differently!” I don’t guess we should be shocked.

On the other hand, as one who admittedly eats more than I should even of the really nice whole-foody non-endocrine-disrupting stuff, I suspect there’s more to the obesity epidemic than the stuff that lines our cans. Big Gulps and supersizes, for example…white flour in everything…HFCS, I mean “Corn Sugar”, hidden in all kinds of places you wouldn’t expect to find it?

If nothing else, this does speak to the interconnectedness (and thus absence of magic bullet solutions) of our myriad problems…


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  1. I would love to blame those extra pounds on anything and anybody but me.
    Your affect/effect irritation is like my two/too/to and loose/lose irritation. I’m going to make them all sit down and learn grammar and spelling with me.

  2. 🙂 Yeah, I totally loose it to when people mess those up. 🙂

    (Ugh, I could barely type it! My fingers are twitching!)

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