Embarrassed Illinois Citizen

(as opposed to all those Illinoisians who are proud to claim Blago The Clown as our former governor)…

I am embarrased to admit that up to now  my only real familiarity with our current governor, Pat Quinn, has been “the guy who Thank God replaced Blago That $%^&*-ing   $&^-hole.”

It took reading this Grist article to actually wake me up and pay attention to what Quinn’s already been up to (in support of greentech, wind energy, and incentives for businesses to install solar panels), and what his competitor Bill Brady (who seems loath to spend for public transit and uses phrases like “clean coal”) will most likely prioritize if he wins the gubernatorial race in November.  This is sort of sad; I should have known.

But I know now.


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  1. I too am an Illinoisian that has been pretty blown away by some of the things that go on here.

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