Is it just me, or does this commercial go a little too far?

Um…okay, in principle I pretty much am right in line with the ethos of this commercial…but it makes me feel all squicky nonetheless. (At least there wasn’t a toe tag…)


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  1. Oh, I’m so glad to know that the crunchy crowd is just as capable of indefensible ads as the far right. Wow!

  2. Not that vegetarianism equals far left by any means…oh dear, I’m going

  3. Ack! Babies. What do you do? I’m going to stop typing now before I dig the hole too deep. :/

  4. What gets me is that it was allegedly DOCTORS who put this together–not we wacky Birkenstock people. 🙂

    • Even more of an ouch. But I take doctors with a teaspoon of salt these days, anyway…they’re not omnipotent, nor are they without fault…as this shows…

      But I’d like to add that I loathe McDonald’s…along with Wal Mart, I believe they constitute the Evil Empire in America. LOL

  5. What’s the old saying? You catch more flies with a battering ram than with vinegar? Oh wait, that’s not right….

  6. This is the kind of thing that made my husband say when we first met, “You’re not one of those vegetarians, are you?”

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