Still can’t figure out the corn syrup thing…

Okay, first there was the report that high fructose corn syrup causes obesity in a way cane sugar does not. Which I mentioned here.

Then there was the retraction. Which I also wrote about.

Now the Corn Refiners Association is trying to get the name officially changed from HFCS to “Corn Sugar.”

And then I find this article from Princeton University, a fairly reputable institution unless I’ve missed something, with another link.

I can’t figure it out. Anyone know anything more concrete about this?


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  1. A couple years ago I had a friend who was studying for a masters in nutrition science, and her belief about her own field was that we don’t know much of anything. She said some professors would teach one thing that would be completely contradicted by another professor. I’ve come to be skeptical of anything scientists say relating to nutrition because it won’t be long before someone else does a study with the opposite result.

    Whether or not HFCS is worse than sugar, it’s definitely not good for us and shouldn’t be in so much of what we eat. But that isn’t to say we should just switch to sugar. I just wish I could convince my body to stop craving sweets so much!

  2. Yeah, that’s kind of my take on it too…

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