Grilled Cheese for Grownups (and olive tapenade recipe)

Okay, I had the most delicious sandwich for lunch today…

Took two slices of whole wheat Italian bread. Smeared some delicious Kalamata olive tapenade on one of them. Put a slice of Havarti cheese on each half.  Put them in the toaster oven to toast and melt. Squished it together into a lovely sandwich…It was delicious.

If you don’t have (or don’t like) the tapenade, pesto would work just fine, or a couple roasted red peppers, or some giardinara…Grilled cheese need not be Kraft on Wonder bread, you know.

And by the way–in case you either have never had tapenade or think it’s too much trouble, would you like to see how easy the recipe is?

Kalamata Olive Tapenade

In a bowl, a blender, or your food processor, put a jar of pitted Kalamatas, drained. Add maybe 2-3 cloves minced or crushed garlic (or about a spoonful of the stuff-from-a-jar) and maybe a tablespoon of capers if you have them and feel like it. Drizzle in maybe 2-3 tablespoons olive oil.  (And heck, if you are missing any of the above? The only ingredient you really can’t live without is the olives.)

If using a bowl, you need your immersion blender–you just, well, blend.  Till it’s blended. Then you eat it.

If using a blender or food processor, well, same thing. Won’t take very long; it needs to spread but should still be a little chunky.

That’s freakin’ IT.

Seriously easy to make, really delicious.  Smear this on a grownup grilled cheese sandwich, or serve as a dip with crostini or pita chips, or toss with pasta…go to town.  And when you don’t know what to take to that dinner party as an appetizer? Get (or make!) a baguette, slice it up, and serve with some of this tapenade.  People will think you very classy and capable, and unless you are one of the thousands upon millions (not) who reads this blog, no one will know how easy it is. (Or if you don’t even want to do that, do the baguette, and serve it with a little olive oil and Parmesan with a few red pepper flakes; looks very chi-chi, and people will love it.)

How about y’all? Anyone got any delicious variations on Grownup Grilled Cheese? What do you put on it?

And see? I’ve just given you a good Meatless Monday recipe to try for tomorrow.


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  1. What a great recipe and a very nice blog.

  2. @Cooking Today–Thank you! I love the recipes on your site too!

  3. Yum, yum, yum! That looks delicious!

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