SHOCKING news: Organic fruits better than conventional!!!

Nothing like a little hype to get one’s blood flowing, right? (Somewhere along the lines of, “Florida is prone to hurricane weather!” and “It rained in England today!”)

Organic Strawberries Beat Conventionally Grown in Test Plots

Aside from my husband’s very intelligent question about, “er…how can they really grow them side by side?”–since in the grocery store the organic fruit isn’t allowed to be even in the same row of produce as the conventional, lest they accidentally touch one another–this seems fairly logical and consistent with what we read elsewhere.

Although I was struck by this: “The organic strawberries were smaller on average than conventional berries, but each piece of organic fruit actually contained more dry matter—the meat, if you will, of the berry.”  Interesting, since one of the things conventional growers trumpet is that they can get “bigger” fruit with the chemical stuff…


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