Wheezy moldy books…

A few days ago it was Ernie and the rubber ducks; today it’s Arnold Van Gennep and Les Rites du Passage.

Still studying for my comprehensive exams, still poring through old book after old book.  Since discovering the local public library…wait, hang on, must give small commercial:

Public Libraries ROCK!!!  You can get almost anything, they are wonderfully helpful, your tax dollars are already paying for it, if more people don’t use them they will get funding cut more and more, they can even usually get books from outside the system, they ABSOLUTELY IN ALL WAYS ROCK DA HOUSE!!!

There.  Couldn’t stop myself.  Where was I?

Ah yes–had my library seek out this one book I needed to study from.  There was only one copy in the entire system, and I suspect I might have been the only person to crack it open in maybe a decade or two.  And within 2 minutes of my cracking it open, my skin started to itch, my eyes to water, and my lungs to wheeze.

Mold attack.

I got onto the internet to see if there was any advice, and unfortunately most of it was of the “throw it away and get a new book” variety, which is less than helpful.  (Frustrating enough with rubber ducks, right? But books?) So I did an experiment.  In a gallon ziploc bag I put a cotton ball with a few drops of tea tree oil (great mold killer!) and poor moldy old Arnold. Whiffled the pages a little bit to “aerate” them.  Closed the bag, let it sit overnight. (Okay, in the end I think it was more like 48 hours, because I didn’t get back to it…)

VERDICT: Well, it’s hard to tell because I already have a cold and cough, but I’ve been sitting here with the book for about half an hour and I don’t feel any worse than I did when I started; maybe a little snooflier, but nothing like the first time when I picked it up.

This method may have merit…if anyone else tries it, please let me know if it works for you!


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