Extreme Baby Carrots? Hmmm…

I have very mixed feelings about this:

Oh snap! New Baby Carrot Campaign Mimics Junk Food.

Okay, maybe my feelings aren’t that mixed, especially when you get to the last sentence of the article.  I kind of hate this.  I mean, on the one hand, eating carrots is better than eating chips.  In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that eating carrots is good.  But: treating them like junk food, packaging them in lots of little packages, generating more trash, trying to make them “feel” like they are one of those vending machine treats we are trying to get kids not to eat, will undermine the whole “let’s stop eating so much produced fake food and eat natural, whole, from-our-kitchens” gestalt that might actually lead to overall healthier eating.  This is just…weird.

My favorite line in the article: “Sales of baby carrots…have fallen in the mid-single digits in the past two years as people spend less in the down economy, Dunn said. That includes buying bigger carrots and cutting them up themselves to save money.” Can I have a big “DUH!!” with that, please? (And for the record, my kids like “carrot coins” better than the baby carrots anyhow…)


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