Being Thrifty

Recently I have been embracing thrift shopping more and more, even more than ebay–part of it is that we have a Salvation Army store about 10 minutes from my house and a Goodwill store opening less than a mile away in a few months, and a good friend who works at an upscale resale store (and knows my shoe size). Besides…it’s fun. I’m hooked.

I now buy thrift store sheets instead of fabric store muslin to fit sewing patterns and make RenFaire underthings.  I am putting together a “dress-up box” for my daughter for Christmas made up of cool and funky dresses, skirts, and hats I find on my various trips. (Many of them will need altering, but that’s usually easy work.) And since discovering A New Dress A Day, I’ve been inspired to acquire a couple of new blouses that used to be thrift store dresses for someone shorter than me. (If I were skinny and petite like That Blogger I could do much more, but I’m tall and non-skinny, so I rarely find something massive that I can easily size down to fit me–I have to go the other way.)

Here’s a pretty good blog post from MNN (with links to others) with some good advice for fledgling thrifters…check it out!


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