Greener travel?

Over on the Green Phone Booth, Erin the Conscious Shopper has posted another Conscious Shopper Challenge: green travel.

She posted a link to “Getting There Greener: The Guide to Your Lower Carbon Vacation”–definitely worth checking out!  I was relieved to read that once you hit “family of four” status, as we have, the Family Road Trip is probably the most carbon-friendly option.  What I wouldn’t have guessed, though, is that for a solo traveler going more than a thousand miles or so, flying economy is the second best option after the bus–more carbon-friendly than even taking the train.    So…food for thought!

Anyone have any other thoughts? We already pack picnics and snacks to avoid the Dreaded Arches of Gold-Sucking Ammoniaburgers, and we try to not feel like we need to go Really Really Fast all the time and waste gas that way…we stay with family, mostly, and we take out time…but I’m not sure what else we can do except try not to throw our day to day carbon-friendly habits out the window just because we’re on the road–to not just shrug and do everything disposable, to not buy unethically produced junk, to not buy silly and useless souvenirs made in China from questionable materials, stuff like that…but I’m not sure how much else we’ll be able to manage, you know?

Any thoughts?


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  1. Not a lot of thoughts, I’m afraid. I think sustainability is a lifestyle, and you don’t change lifestyle based on vacation. Although I will admit, we do disposable diapers on overnight trips.

    Speaking of cloth diapers…never mind, you don’t need to hear that story. LOL.

  2. Kate, we should share diaper stories someday…:-)

    Yeah, I think you hit it on the head–if sustainability is a lifestyle and a mind-set, rather than a list of do’s and dont’s, we’ll just sort of stay in it when we travel, I guess. The trick is thinking ahead to realize what things we need to do in advance…

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