Can Mark Bittman teach me to cook EVERYTHING?

I have way too many cookbooks.  I mean, way too many.  I read cookbooks like most people read novels or magazines.  And, honestly, I know how to cook.  Not everything, but many things, and I can probably figure out how to cook those things I can’t yet.

But this cookbook by Mark Bittman has gotten a lot of really good press, and I may have to check it out, despite my vow to Not Buy Any More Books…it’s $35 (okay, $20 on Amazon), which is more than I’d usually spend on a single volume anyway…so I’m a little hesitant.

But this is intriguing: the iPhone app for How to Cook Everything, the “portable version” of the big $35 cookbook, for only $4.99.  I wouldn’t be able to read it like a novel or magazine, and it has no pictures. (Cookbooks need pictures, it’s part of what’s fun.) And you can’t print the recipes, which honestly I don’t do anyway–I run back and forth to my computer and look things up as I cook, which is easy since I’ve co-opted our dining room to be my “office.”  I could just bring my iphone into the kitchen and do everything there. And it says it even has a built in timer in the app–not crucial, I guess, since I’d just as soon use the one on my stove, but still a nice touch.

I think I’d still rather have the book…but since I also still have $7.97 left from an itunes gift card in credit with the iTunes Store, this might be a nice thing to spend it on…that way if I decide it’s fabulous, I can get the book later.

We’ll see.  Anyone already have it? What are your reviews?


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  1. I have Bittman’s ‘How to cook everything Vegetarian’ and absolutely love it. It gives basic recipes but then lots of suggestions on how to change things. I have loved cooking all my life and if I could only have one cook book, this would be the one. I thing that ‘How to cook everything’ is written in the same format, so you will probably be very happy to own it.

  2. I have this book and have been VERY happy with it. It’s my go-to for everything.

  3. Okay, two for two. (Or one and a half for one and a half, since Elizabeth only has a similar book…)

    The computer says it’s on-shelf at my public library, and I need to take some stuff back anyway. I’m bringing it home today.

  4. I, too, love How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. I’ve never been very comfortable cooking, so I like how he boils everything down to the basics and then gives you options to make the recipe different—very important for non-improvisers like me!

    Sometimes I really wish i had an iPhone!

  5. I gotta admit, the iphone is a fairly useful little device…learning to only use if for what I actually need and not feel I have to use every bell and whistle has been a challenge, but once met it’s been good. I ended up, after borrowing the book (the 1995 edition, as it turns out) from the library, buying the app–and I think the app is honestly ten times better than the book at 1/7 the price…but that’s a post for another day. 🙂

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