Burger stylists?

Okay, I know this is turning into the Week of the YouTube Video on my blog–but seriously check this out:

This article showed up on MNN, and it’s honestly fascinating, though not too surprising.  I’m going to show it to my very commercial-influenced children…

There’s actually a lot of press out there about this issue: check this out, where you can see side-by-side pictures of the commercial vs. the reality.

And then there’s Domino’s pizza, which is on the one hand (good) sort of pulling back the curtain on  pizza commercial tricks…but on the other (not as good), still producing a sort of carboard/boring/processed product.

Homemade is so much easier…because even though even ethically produced beef is pretty hard on the environment, and those burgers should probably be pretty rare visitors (no pun intended) to our tables, homemade pizza is one of the easiest things ever–either make some of your own pizza crusts and freeze them for later use, or heck, plunk some sauce and veggies and cheese onto almost any bread product you can find–naan bread, flatbread, pita, muffins, bagels–it’s gonna be a lot cheaper and healthier than Domino’s.


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