Such a Deal…

My friend Kathleen and I are on the same page about a lot of things.

She put up a blog post about this Oprah Magazine cover, which trumpets triumphantly, “Everything Oprah’s wearing is under $100!”

Kathleen, in her post, reflects that in her universe, “just because an item of clothing costs less than $100 does not put it in my definition of a great deal.” I’m right with her on that.

In fact, I’ve been doing so much shopping via resale and ebay that I almost never actually go into an actual retail store to buy much of anything.  I’m sitting here tonight in a very cute blouse from a local resale shop benefitting a women’s shelter, my eco-sneaks bought used on ebay, and a pair of jeans a friend passed on to me when she realized they were crazy-long on her. Nothing I’m wearing cost more than $15.99, if you include the necessary foundational garments one just has to spring for, and when all is said and done it’s a fairly cheap bra.

And the thing is, I like shopping like this.  I like dressing like this.  There’s that little thrill of victory when I wear this kind of unique cool stuff that I know didn’t cost the same as a week’s groceries.  Shoes that will last me years, because they are quality and well made, that someone else bought but just didn’t really wear, so now I wear them, they get a little of their money back, and no one has to produce new resources for a new pair of shoes for me.  I’m a quirky personality anyway, so my sort of vintage-goofy-throw-on-a-scarf wardrobe doesn’t seem to faze my friends one bit. (If it does–they are good enough friends not to say anything. :-))  And when I need to dress up and be respectable, I have my nice Flax linen pieces, bought on ebay, genuine high quality designer wear that didn’t break the bank.  And when I need to be even more respectable, I have one of the nice simple handmade tie-back dresses that I have made over the past few years. Or some of my Chicos Travelers pieces, also via ebay, that I would never in a million years actually pay retail for.

$44 earrings? Not such a great deal in my book.  $15 handmade Turkish “oya” scarf that goes with about 8 different outfits in my closet? That’s a good deal.  $5 brand-new-looking Clarks sandals I can wear with a simple dress made from 3 yards of sale fabric, that looks great with that  hand-embroidered scarf? Better still. And fabulous as Oprah is–I like my outfit better.


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  1. 🙂 You make me feel better about myself. Although I’m plotting some expenditure on clothing that is not resale, I must admit. LOL

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