Aspartame for KIDS? You’ve gotta be kidding…

And yet, I suspect you’re not.

Check this out, from Eat Drink Better:

Kool-Aid Marketing Aspartame to Moms and Kids

This royally ticks me off.  Aspartame is awful stuff, linked to all kinds of things from headaches to obesity to cancer to God knows what-all else.  And now they want us to give a neurotransmitting exitatory amino acid to our kids?

Not in my house. No flipping way.

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  1. and yet how many parents think they are doing their kids a favor by NOT letting them have sugary drinks. Especially those with HFCS? I think a lot of education is called for here – I see kids from toddler age up drinking diet soft drinks! What ever happened to ice water? real fruit juices (in moderation) ? real lemonade?
    And what about the colorants in these KoolAid type drinks?
    Most of those artificial sweeteners were originally designed for diabetics who CAN’T have sugar. Probably a good plan, but, man, has it ever gone awry!

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