What Americans Eat

Lots of our stores have aisles where we can find food from particular places and countries.  Ever wonder what people would see in the “American” aisle of a foreign grocery store?

Over on MNN I came across this article by Robin Shreeves with Simone’ Haruko’s video of the “American” ethnic section of a German store.

Interesting.  Depressing.  Funny.  Check it out.

What would you put in the “American” aisle? What would represent us better, do you think?


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  1. Having lived in different countries people definitely have a fixed idea on what Americans like. So it’s understandable about the Hershey’s section. Unfortunately most likely you would find potato chips and hamburgers at the top of the list of what would be displayed for Americans.

    What I would like to see displayed would be whole grain cereals, beans, granola bars, and popcorn. At least this would be healthier and it is foods that most Americans do consume.

    Very interesting article and video.

    Thanks for posting this,
    Cherokee Billie

  2. I never thought of granola bars…that’s a good one, and so is popcorn. And I admit the peanut butter belongs there. But the thing is, there are SO many “ethnic” American foods, it’s hard to say what really should go in there…(I mean, really–Pizza? ITALIAN? 🙂 And I guess for an aisle of this nature you’d need non-perishables, which itself sort of negates any hope of un-processed stuff…

    • Good point about peanut butter. You can’t get much more American than that. It is hard to define our ethnic foods as pizza is a basic stable of most people. Like you say there’s no hope of unprocessed food. I remember one time I was traveling in a exotic island with some other women and this one woman was going crazy to get to McDonald’s! I couldn’t believe that she didn’t want try the native foods. It’s amazing how people Cling to things.
      thanks for your thoughts,
      Cherokee Billie

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