Is home solar a viable option?

The other day I came across this article on the Mother Nature Network:

When Solar Panels are Better than Stocks

It’s interesting.  Especially since its opening paragraph speaks not of places like Arizona or California, but New Jersey. New Jersey? Yup.  Apparently the financial incentives in Jersey to go solar are hefty enough to make that the best place in the country to go solar. Who knew?

1BOG (stands for “One Block Off the Grid”) has a solar power estimator to help people figure out whether it would be helpful for them to consider home solar power.  Unfortunately there are only a small handful of cities on their workable list, but it’s food for thought…


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  1. sorry to say but for writing a green blog, etc. you just found out in the summer of 2010 that NJ has one of the best solar programs in the US?

  2. Dude. I live in Illinois. Jersey just isn’t on my radar; my exposure is mostly trips up and down the Turnpike going from my parents in Maine to my brothers in Maryland. Google searches I’ve done about home solar have been for things like “home solar illinois.” Which hasn’t brought up Jersey results. I hadn’t run across this before, which was why it was cool to learn. That’s why I subscribe to lots of serious green blogs where I can find out about stuff like this.

    And while yeah, this is more a “green” blog than anything else, it’s really a “harried suburban mom doing her best to be seventeen people all at once and not trash the planet any more than I have to” blog.


    Are you from New Jersey? Do lots of folks take advantage of the program? It’s intriguing, and something I’d hope other states can get onto. It’s the hazard of anything, where as globally as we try to think, it’s a challenge sometimes to see what’s past our own borders…

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