Home-grown Hot Oil Treatment

It’s summer, and my hair is turning to straw.  I’m not sure exactly why–I use almost no product, I don’t go into swimming pools, it just does.  Part of it may be that I’ve gone probably close to a year without getting it trimmed, which is why the bottom looks so jagged and unkempt, but I want to grow it out, and honestly until about two days ago it really didn’t look that bad.

So I call my hairdresser, who is taking a few vacation days and can’t get me in for over 10 days.  I’m not gonna make it that long without some kind of help…so I’m giving myself a hot oil treatment. (And, okay, by “homegrown” I more mean “I did it myself,” not that I grew the olives for the oil and stuff.  Though the rosemary comes from the pot on my patio…)

This is insanely easy, so I thought I’d mention it up here in case any of you still buy those little tubes.

I put a few tablespoons of olive oil into a ceramic mug.  I cut a few sprigs off my rosemary plant and put them in there (not cut up into little bits; I need to get them out when they’re done infusing). I heat the oil in the microwave for maybe 9 seconds, which is enough to make it warm but not hot to the touch.  I go away for a little while.

I also prepare my rinse: half a cup cider vinegar, 10 drops lavender oil, and 3 cups warm water, well stirred/shaken. (This step isn’t really all that necessary, it just helps cut the oil a bit.)

Then I take the rosemary out, and heat the oil again for maybe another 15-20 seconds–here you have to be careful, because I’m told it’s possible to get the oil so hot that it literally fries your hair. I don’t want deep-fried hair. The idea is to have it just a little too hot to the touch, but nothing burn-y.  (Er…be careful here, don’t stick your fingers into boiling oil to see if it’s touchable, ya know?) At this point I add a few drops of essential oils–they aren’t necessary, but they help. Lavender, Rosemary (which I don’t need since I used fresh), geranium.  Cypress for the fact that my hair tends to be oily.  A google search for “essential oils hair care” will give you a lot of good sites, but honestly lavender and rosemary can get you pretty far. (I use ginger too.)  Stir really well with a chopstick or something.

I get in the shower and wet my hair with the hottest water I can stand, then gently pour the hot-but-by-now-very-touchable olive oil into my hair.  For myself I tend to not go overboard with using it on my scalp; if I had jojoba oil that would work better, but olive leaves me too greasy. (And by the way–the excess is also really good for your skin!)

If I had time, I’d wrap it up in an old towel for an hour; I don’t, so I just sort of give it ten minutes.  Then I pour my vinegar rinse over my hair, and then I shampoo as usual.

Helps a LOT.

It’s still gonna be a long ten days, though.


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