Carbon-Friendly Fast Food…surely we can do better?

Just ran across this article in Newsweek:

Your Carbon Foodprint

It describes “Otarian,” a fast food chain currently only in New York and London, I think, so I’ve never seen one…the fact that they wrap up all their food in lots and lots of fully compostable paper doesn’t diminish the fact that they use a lot of paper wrappings.  And their veg-friendly menu doesn’t change the reality that cooking at home, or planning ahead and bringing food, is lots more carbon-friendly (most of the time) than eating out anywhere, no matter how many sustainable building techniques they employed in creating their restaurant, ya know?

As Jennie Yabroff, the author says–and this sort of sums it up: “Obviously, we all have to eat, and it’s laudable to try to minimize your lunch’s carbon footprint. But chains like Otarian that encourage consumption disguised as conservation aren’t doing the planet any favors.”

I’m afraid I have to agree.


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  1. And unless Otarian’s fast food is a lot healthier (lower fat, less salt, fewer additives) than most, then there is that aspect as well. I mean, veg-friendly is only a good thing if the preparation is healthy.

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