Natural Nail Care?

Okay, a couple of weeks ago I broke down and got that mani-pedi...the feet are still looking good, but the fingernails are a disaster.  And my daughter is now highly excited about being a Big Girl and wearing polish herself…so I went on a hunt for some less-icky nail care products.

Our local Whole Foods has an “Almost Natural Polish Remover” that’s not too bad–it takes a lot more work to get the polish off than the chemical ones, but on the other hand one doesn’t mind working a little harder because you don’t feel like you’re going to pass out from the toxic fumes.  I found that going over each nail just wiping it once (to get a little of the product into the polish) and then going back and actually removing the polish worked better than just attacking one nail at a time.  And I had better luck with paper towels than cotton balls or tissues, because you do need to sort of scrub a bit. (If that sounds annoying, well…considering the indelibility of nail polish in general, think of what must be in any liquid that can dissolve it quickly and with no work at all. Do you really want that in your skin and nostrils?)

I also got a small bottle of nail polish, from the same company (No-Miss Nail Care Products.)  It costs a little more than your drugstore Sally Hansen stuff, but considering I don’t think I’ve ever actually emptied a bottle of nail polish in my life, I can live with that.  The color I chose is called “Panama Petal”–because I play piano and my nail tips get trashed quickly, I always look for a fingernail polish color that’s a light enough pink to not be obvious when it starts to chip, which it always does.

This shade was nearly sheer and took three coats to get a fairly opaque color on the nails. (Though if I’d used a base coat, I could probably have done it in two.)  That said, it went on easily and smoothly and felt pretty much like any other polish I’ve ever used.  Also smelled like any other polish I’ve ever used.  But it has no toluene, formaldehyde, or pthelates, and it’s not animal tested.  So…I like it, and I think I may have found my new brand. Not that I’ll need to buy any for some time–I’m fairly dull that way.

It’s nice to have pretty fingernails again.  And tonight my daughter and I will give her a new pedicure.

(UPDATE: Two days later, and neither she nor I have any chips on our fingernails…I expected this stuff to hopefully be nearly as good as the toxic-er stuff, I didn’t expect it to be better!)

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  1. Nail care – well every weekend I used to pedicure my nails.. But it does not add like putting nail polishes and other designs… Just cleaning of my nails.. texas cosmetology ce

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