Easy Crockpot Jambalaya

When it’s hot out,  the last thing I want to do is use the stove.  But we still gotta eat, right? (Okay, and I personally would be perfectly happy with various cold dinner recipes, but my husband has this weird mind-set that says Real Meal=Hot Meal, and no matter what it is, if it’s not hot, it somehow doesn’t count as Dinner.  Took me about 5 years to even convince him that Real Lunch could be a cold sandwich.  I so don’t get it.)

So this morning I threw some stuff into the crockpot, and tonight we’ll have a really nice jambalaya. SO easy…

Easy Crockpot Jambalaya

In the crockpot toss the following:

  • a bag of frozen onions and bell peppers, or one large onion and one large bell pepper chopped up, or however much of each you want because it really doesn’t matter as long as it all fits in the crockpot in the end
  • About 8 or so cut up celery stalks (again, more or less, use whatcha got. Celery is fairly key to the flavor, though.)
  • Optional–1-2 andouille or other smoked sausages. (Not really necessary, if you want to go veg, but it gives a nice smokey flavor to the result.
  • Also optional–1-2 cut up chicken breasts or so, depending on the size and how much actual Meat you feel you need here. We didn’t use any at all this time, actually.
  • 1 1/2 cups (or a can) drained black beans. I would double this if I were leaving out the meat
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder (or more)
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 large can diced tomatoes thrown over the top of it all.

Cook on low heat 6-8 hours or so.  Serve over rice.

Now proper jambalaya cooks the rice with everything else–I actually may try that in the crock and see how it works.  It’s dicey, especially to recommend to others, because my crockpot is very hot and actually sort of simmers things rather than genuinely slow-cooking them, so what works for me might not work for you…but try it if you think it might work!  I put 3 cups of broth and 1 cup of brown basmati rice into the crockpot after about 5 hours of cooking, and within 90 minutes it was done and just right.  So give it a shot! (EDIT: turns out there’s a fairly brief window of  “just right” for the rice..all of a sudden, at some point, it just goes to Mush.  Literally over 10 minutes or so.  So I guess unless you really don’t want to engage your stove and don’t have any leftover brown rice from the last time you cooked it in quantity, I’d just serve the stuff OVER rice…)


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