Milkweed time (er…or it might be Cottonwood…)

I love this time of year…though I know it drives some people nuts.

It’s when the milkweed fuzz (I assume that’s what it is–I suppose it could be some other white fluffy far-travelled seed-bearing thing) hits the air and makes it look like everything is snowing little cotton pieces for a few days. (Although a friend just facebook-commented for me that she thinks it’s the cottonwood trees, of which her parents have two.  We didn’t have cottonwood back east where I grew up…thanks for the tip! I still think it’s cool looking.)

It gets all over your clothes, it gets all over your car, and sometimes when you’re riding your bike (to work today! But that’s a post for another day…) it gets in your eyes and you can’t see for half a block…but basically it’s just so pretty and so springy.

The pussy willows tell me spring is coming.  The over-the-top green foliage of that one morning usually (around here) sometime in late April tells me it’s here.  The milkweed tells me it’s settled in and not going anywhere for a while.


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