A Perfect Day

Yesterday afternoon was as close to perfect, I think, as a family can have on a spring Sunday when no one has to be anywhere.  And yet it had a lot of elements that could have been taken as sort of annoying or exasperating, if one weren’t in the right mood to appreciate them…witness the picture to the left, for example.

After going to the backyard to discover that the bunnies had apparently mowed my kohlrabi and cauliflower plants down to the soil line, we decided it was time for the next step in rabbit deterrent: a fence.  We went the cheapest possible route, 60 feet of two-foot high chicken wire and 8 stakes.  My husband was pretty much “on” for that little project, which only took a little over an hour, while I did a little more planting.  I got most of the “help” from the children…The kids and I worked on planting the snap peas I’d had soaking overnight, and they were champs.  Then we did a long row of nasturtium seeds along the fence.  Then we did a big container of mesclun to grow on the patio and bring inside when the weather gets too hot, and eat salads as we go.  Then we weeded the stretch along the house to free up the lilies that kindly came back this year (it’s the first time ever I’ve had rescued Easter lilies from church come back with anything like health the following year!), and then we planted the canna lilies a friend’s mom gave me when she divided hers.

Then the body art began.  Which for a change I had the presence of mind to photograph.

Not long after that, the baths happened.  But there was a whole lot of fun in between. There was giving the kids their first taste of fresh mint leaves out of the herb garden (my picky son loved them, and my daughter spit them out), and then letting them compare that to the leaves of the lemon balm plant.  (My son didn’t like the balm as much, but my daughter liked the stems.) There was finding the earthworm in the bag of topsoil, and my daughter accidentally breaking it in half, and then discovering that there were still two functional worms after that happened. There was my kids arguing about who got to hold the worm. There was finding the four leaf clover.  There was just all kinds of messy disorganized fun to be had around our garden on a Sunday afternoon.

The fact that the garden is now hopefully a little more bunny proof and now may also give us peas and lettuce is just a little added bonus.


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  1. That is seriously the best picture EVER!! LOL.

  2. Yeah…and yes, at some point earlier in the adventure I realized she was wearing her cute pink and white striped play dress, and I just mentally shrugged and sort of went, “meh, it’ll wash and it’s almost too small anyway.” Did make for a cute picture, though. And the hat emerged fairly unscathed.

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