Uh oh, watch out for those dangerous hand towels!

Or at least, that’s what Kleenex would like you to do.

I have it first from Enviromom and then from the Good Green WitchKleenex is now marketing a single use (read: DISPOSABLE) hand towel system for us to use in our own bathrooms at home. Because, you know, those hand towels we share with other members of our family are dangerous and likely to spread disease.  And because the CDC says so.

Except that…well…the CDC doesn’t really say so.  Or rather, they do, but their guidelines are for public restrooms and were never intended to apply to people’s homes.  Apparently the CDC thought that was so obvious they didn’t need to specify it. (I sort of agree. Should be obvious.  To everyone except the Kleenex marketing department.)

Definitely check out the Good Green Witch’s blog; she contacted the CDC, who responded within 24 hours and then actually called her.  Read the full post, but the upshot was that the woman she was speaking to definitely did not know of any CDC guidelines pertaining to the lack of safety of our own bathroom hand towels.

I hope she gets ’em.  I hope they get nailed on this.


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