Pain in the asparagus

Okay, call me crazy, but one of my most precious Mother’s Day presents was having dinner last night and seeing each of my incredibly-picky-eater children eat a whole asparagus spear. (I’m easily pleased.)

I personally have never been big on the stuff myself.  It always sort of resembled, in smell, consistency, and taste, something that might grow in a very still and stagnant August pond.  Even reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last summer (GREAT book!) wasn’t enough to fully convince me, although she managed to wax rhapsodic about the beauty and wonder of springtime asparagus spears to a point where I came close…but asparagus have always been something I’ve been dubious about.

Then while she was visiting, my mom got some fresh asparagus at the local Whole Foods and mentioned how delicious it is eaten raw. I had never heard of raw asparagus, but since there are a lot of veggies I’ll eat raw that don’t appeal to me cooked at all, I gave it a try.

Raw fresh asparagus is DELICIOUS.  If you’ve never tried it, please do!

It was so yummy, sort of sweet and crunchy and lovely, and my children witnessed my apotheosis…so I put an asparagus spear, raw, on each of their plates for dinner. (I then steamed the rest for the adults.  I don’t know why; it just seems more Dinnery.  Which is weird.)  They griped a little bit, and we had to threaten no dessert unless the spear got ate, but they ate the asparagus.  (They gripe and need threatening with every vegetable, with brown rice, with practically everything except pasta and sauce-less pizza.)

If you’ve never tried raw asparagus, whether you think of it as a vegetable you love or one that’s more of the pond scum variety, I highly recommend it!


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