Of Frugality and Greenness

I love how much crossover there is between the “green” blogs and the “frugal” blogs (and then there are all the blogs which are intentionally both, like Frugal Green Living, Green and Frugal Living, and one of my favorites, The  Conscious Shopper.)

I came across this post on The Simple Dollar today, and it’s really very wise–it’s called “Frugality as a Spending Transfer.” The author isn’t particularly focussed on the greenness of frugality, but it applies for all of us, I think.  (It’s a very smart site in general, I think, and I’ll be reading it a lot in the future!)  His main thrust: don’t think of trying to pinch a few pennies or dollars here and there as being “cheap” or denying ourselves something that might make our lives easier or more fun right now–think of it as trading this immediate easier/fun thing for a longer term value, like retirement, dream home, what-have-you.

Worth thinking about.  Gain security and peace in the long haul, help heal the planet.


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