Family Biking and the Carbonless Commute–at the Green Phone Booth

This morning over at the Green Phone Booth I posted about my new resolution to try to bike to and from work at least once a week or so, and more if I can manage it.  It’s about 6 miles one way, and that post details some of my real life plans to make it feasible.

So head on over and check it out!

This is being a big bike week in our house; my son is working on his own transition-to-two-wheeler skills, and while he hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet, yesterday he got about a whole house-length of sidewalk with almost no assistance from me. (The trick is that he can’t know I’ve let go of the bike, otherwise he freaks and stops.)

And my husband responded to a bulletin board announcement at his work from a widow who was preparing to move, cleaning out her garage, and trying to find a home for her late husband’s bike.  He passed away some years ago, so it’s been sitting in her garage all that time, but it’s a nice 21-speed and it’s in good shape.  We’ve had it for going on a week, but he hadn’t had time to ride it except to the corner and back. Yesterday we realized we’d forgotten to pay the bill at my daughter’s dance studio and it was “if it’s not in today you get charged a late fee” day…so instead of one of us hopping in the car and making the one-and-three-quarters-miles drive to drop off the check, he hopped on the new bike and rode the check over, and was back in half an hour before dinner was ready.  Our first “official” trade-gas-for-peoplepower trip anywhere.

Small steps.


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