EPA cautions about Frontline

The EPA has come out with a new set of guidelines regarding labelling for Frontline, Advantage, and other anti-flea and tick “medications” for dogs and cats–particularly for smaller pets, 10-20 lbs.  The Daily Green has a pretty good article about it.

Just to be clear, for those who don’t know–these aren’t medications per se, they involves treating your pet with a small amount of pesticide through its bloodstream, believed (by some, many, what-have you) to be a small enough amount to cause no harm to the animal but enough to kill any fleas, ticks, or eggs hanging out in there.  They don’t “prevent” fleas or ticks from getting onto your animal, they just ensure that they won’t be able to live there long enough to reproduce.

I did a fairly lengthy post on this topic last summer, after a friend of mine got her puppy (which animal is now by the way fully grown, sweet as can be, and better trained than any of my dogs past or present could ever hope to be. This is one sweet fuzzball.)–so check it out if you are interested.  In it I outline a lot of potentially useful natural insect deterrents, though in the interest of disclosure I live in a part of the world where every winter for 3 months everything is pretty much frozen solid and there just aren’t any fleas or anything else living, for that matter.  Still, for me these methods have worked, and in 17 years of having dogs as roomates I’ve only had two flea breakouts, both eradicated fairly quickly and without using toxic chemicals. (Okay, the first one wasn’t eradicated quickly because I didn’t know what I was doing.  Once I did it right, it was over.)

So if you’re interested–check that post out; and I’d love it if anyone left any comments or thoughts about things I missed.

So…pet people…what do you do? How do you keep the creepycrawlies off your animals?

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  1. Hmm..I think that friend is me and that sweet fuzzball is mine. You’re a dear. So…the season shall soon be upon us and we dodged the bullet last year and had NO incidences where I worried for Fiona not having any flea control. Please pray your patootie off for the same kind of summer. I LOVE not giving her pesticides and wanna keep it that way! 🙂 kat

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    The friend IS you, and the fuzzball IS your’n. And she’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

  3. My cats stay indoors, so there’s no worry about fleas. But this really strikes a chord with me because my childhood cat actually died after a flea bath. I think it was Hartz, and it was back in the ’80s, so things might be different now, but my aversion to chemical flea control has stayed with me…

  4. the key to life is moderation…your “green” solutions can harm and kill too if used in improper amounts. just be a smart consumer with the applied flea solutions.

    we’ve had kittens too that didn’t react well to flea baths, it’s just not recommended for small animals in large does.

    be smart…not paranoid agains “the system”.

  5. Shawn, that’s true–but I don’t think it’s paranoid to wonder about the wisdom of feeding my pets regular monthly doses of actual insecticide, which is what Frontline is. There are other alternatives to flea baths–I don’t have cats myself, but I know there is other stuff out there that will help keep them flea-free without compromising their immune systems, and I know my dogs have done really well and are stronger and healthier than usual.

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