What’s in a Chicken Nugget?

I showed this clip from Jaime Oliver’s show to my son, who loves chicken nuggets. I did it to try to explain to him why I won’t let him get McDonald’s nuggets.

He watched it with the hoped-for “eew” reaction.

Then after I explained that this is why I don’t like him to eat the nuggets from McDonalds and Wendy’s, he came up with a very logical 7-year-old’s question: “Then why do they taste so good?”


(I’ll put in another little plug for my “homemade fast food” chicken tenders here…make a bunch and freeze them, then pull them out and nuke as needed!)


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  1. oh my- That part made me sad, since all those kids wanted to eat the nuggets. Sigh.

    You know though, I thought the most interesting part was the health regulations are decided by the department of agriculture…. and not the dept of health. very weird.

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    Weird indeed.

    The only thing I would have thought more apt would be if the kids had gone outside and played soccer with the carcass for a few minutes and THEN gone inside, rinsed it off a little, and continued with the pink slime making. That would be closer to the accurate state of industrial nugget-making. Bet they wouldn’t have eaten it then. Because, honestly, if it was organic free range chicken goo parts, that would beat the hell out of your average McNugget.

  3. more memories – One summer (25 or so years ago) when we drove from DC to Interlochen MI to the music camp there we all had McNuggets at about every meal (they were a fairly new item at that time and were at least predictably mediocre which was more than we could say about some of the places we stopped!) No one thought about what was in them at that time – we just assumed they were CHICKEN! But they sure got old fast and we havent been even tempted ever since! Yuch!

  4. It was very sad to see those children still willing to eat those ‘chicken’ nuggets.
    It was very sad to see them not know what a tomato or potato was.
    It was very sad to learn that our government considers ketchup a vegetable along with fake fries.

    Watching this show has just shown me that our problems here in US are worse than I even imagined.

    I really hope this show opens some eyes.

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