School Lunches: the big frontier

Have you noticed that a huge number of posts in the blogosphere, from the big behemoth blogs (how alliterative of me!) to the smaller mommyblogs, are all talking about school lunches all of a sudden?

Some of it may have something to do with Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution show, where he attempts to bring healthy school lunches to children in a West Virginia town with a particularly high obesity rate. He’s getting mixed reviews for his show and his efforts, but at least he’s got people talking about it…

Then there’s Mrs. Q, the anonymous schoolteacher who has vowed to eat school lunches every day in 2010…and blog about it. (Shades of Julie and Julia, but not as yummy, I expect…) She’s been featured on Good Morning America, and she says she fully expects to be exposed and fired for the stunt at some point…

And if anyone is skeptical about that suspicion, they should read about Mendy Heaps, a teacher who is in huge trouble with her school district for bringing a fresh fruit cart around at lunchtime and speaking out against the abysmal status of lunches in her school.

Then there are the little bright spots.  Like how Chicago schools are removing “treat” type foods from their school menus–there’s still plenty of junk, but donuts and Pop Tarts at least are being done away with…and then there’s the  Jesuit Academy in D. C….check out these articles and see if you don’t come away inspired.

So far I make lunches for my picky-eating kids–they are not great, nor are they replete with a lot of variety.  Bagel with a little honey. Homemade yogurt with maple syrup and cinnamon, or even a little chocolate syrup on a day when I’m feeling easily swayed by family preference.  Cut up apple, or a banana, or a clementine back when they were in season and delicious.   My son begs to be allowed to buy “hot lunch,” which in his universe means a hot dog for lunch every day.  (A turkey hot dog, yes, but I’m sorry–still doesn’t qualify in my book.)

What do your kids eat at school?


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  1. My now-adult daughter used to take liverwurst (about 87% fat, the rest salt!) or canned vienna sausages (less fat, more salt!)
    those are the more memorable ugly things.
    I am so glad things are changing, albeit slowly, re these things. Today I would probably pack yogurt, fruit, a chunk of french bread and cheese, etc.

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