Better than a milkshake (smoothie time!)

It’s the first genuinely “hot” feeling day–not too bad, really, but it feels warm in comparison to what we’ve had.  Today, more than anything, after I picked the kids up from the sitter, I wanted to pull into some random drive-through and order milkshakes.  It was like the car was just itching to find one of those windows to pull up to, and no amount of me reminding myself that a) it’s money we shouldn’t spend on stuff like that, b) those things are full of crap, c) McDonalds pretty much sucks, and d) whenever I do break down and get one I’m disappointed because it tastes like semi-frozen HFCS with articifical flavor added was enough to break the pull…

But I didn’t. I resisted.  My Better Self was victorious, because I had a better idea, and then I mentioned it to the kids to cement the deal (because once you’ve said out loud to your kids, “hey kids, guess what we’re gonna do when we get home!” you’re sort of committed), and we did it.

Frozan banana yogurt smoothies.  Yummers.

No real recipe, really–for three of us I tossed into the blender 2 frozen bananas (whenever they start to get brown and yucky I peel them, break them into chunks, and freeze them), and added enough runny yogurt to equal about 4 cups in the blender. (Or you could use half yogurt and half milk, or some juice, or whatever you want.) Here’s where we got slightly evil, and you of course don’t need to go here: squirted a good bit of chocolate syrup in there.  And if it had been for me alone, I would have also tossed maybe a tablespoon of peanut butter in too. Hey, chocolate and peanut butter is yummy, banana and peanut butter is yummy, why not mix the three?

Blend till smooth.  Pour into glasses and drink.  That’s about it.  And the kids loved helping, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our frozen treats, and it was lovely and delicious.  We’ll be doing this again.  And again, and again…


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  1. Mmmm…fruit smoothies are one of our fave summer time treats. Can’t wait to make some!

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