Green as status symbol?

This article on Eco-Salon was intriguing…“Sustainable Status: Are you Going Green to Be Seen?”

After reading this, I started poking around to see who else has been visiting the topic…Earth911 poses a similar question: Is Buying “Green” All About  Status?” Peter Howard in “Green as a Status Symbol” makes some fairly incisive points, and Smart Planet in their article about the swiftly growing “green toddler toys” market asks the pointed question of whether it’s greener to go out and buy “green” toys or to simply buy fewer better ones that are then handed down from child to child or generation to generation.

Sustainable Business deliberately capitalizes on the phenomenon, inviting companies to “associate their name” with sustainable energy rather than stadiums or theaters.  Businesses seem to be realizing there’s a lot of money to be made in this whole green thing.

Despite some who think green was sort of last year, that it’s no longer the new black, I’m not sure I have a problem with it either way…for whatever reason people do it, if people are making the greener choices, it’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.


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  1. if buying green sort of starts folks out on a new lifestyle and gets them thinking, then maybe OK. BUT if buying green lets some folks think they have done their duty to the earth, otherwise continuing with their non-green lifestyles, then I think nothing has been gained except to enrich the coffers of the suddenly green (which frequently arent) businesses.

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