The Breakfast Mission: Yogurt Smoothies

My breakfast mission has sort of fallen by the wayside.  I’m just not hungry at 7:30 in the morning.  And regardless of whether or how much I eat at 7:30, I’m always hungry at 9:30.  So if I can just wait and eat breakfast then, it’s much easier for me…but I’m still trying. So I wondered, can I drink my breakfast?

One of the staples I’ve learned to make myself has been yogurt–another of those labor-light, time-heavy processes that nonetheless can save one a lot of money!

Unfortunately, it’s still an uneven process for me.  I haven’t figured out exactly why sometimes the yogurt is nice and thick and other times it’s very runny. (Still tastes really nice, but is runny nonetheless!)  Part of it probably has to do with the heating/cooling process, part of it probably has to do with the temperature of the milk when you innoculate it with the yogurt cultures (too hot or too cold and it doesn’t work right…)

So this time I have a lot of runny yogurt.  Not as good for kids’ lunches, but very good for smoothies–a great breakfast or snack.  I lived on these things when I was preggers, both times–the blender was our most oft-used appliance for those collective 16 months. (Yes, I was one of those women who only incubated each kid for about 8 months, had  spontaneous and complication-free 6  hour labors, and popped ’em out.  Don’t hate me–the pregnancies were fairly rough, and I got slammed with a really nasty case of PPD each time; I’d gladly have added 20+ hours  to each labor if it had meant I could skip the hellish 7 months that followed, not that there’s any causality there…but I digress.)

There are at least as many smoothie recipes as there are oatmeal recipes–or more.  It’s not even worth it to call it a “recipe,” really–just toss into the blender whatever you want.  Half a cup of yogurt, a banana, and some frozen strawberries. (Frozen fresh fruit with no sugar added is easy to find anywhere these days, and it’s wonderful!)  A cup of yogurt and a handful of blueberries.  Skip the yogurt and do just fruit with a little juice to make it all runny enough.  If it’s your thing, you can throw stuff like bee pollen or spirulina or protein powder in it. (Umm…ick. But whatever.) If you’re dealing with less sweet fruits, add a little honey or maple syrup.  Cinnamon is a nice addition to almost anything. And save those brown bananas–just peel them and break them into chunks, toss them into a ziploc, and throw them in the freezer for smoothie time. (Any smoothie with a banana is less likely to need added sweetener.)

When I’m to lazy to get out the blender, I just do yogurt with a little orange juice, honey, and cinnamon; really easy and tasty.

In addition to being a great breakfast, these things are a great snack or dessert for kids–Mom gets to be a hero for allowing seconds of something that’s essentially nonfat milk, healthy probiotics, and fresh fruit!


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