Another reason not to jump for antibiotics

Check out this article in the Miami Herald:

Norway Conquers Infection by Cutting Use of Antibiotics

Right now I know about 3 people with various versions of MRSA and have another friend who got “sick,” dove for antibiotics, dove for another antibiotic when the first didn’t work, had an allergic reaction, and now has hugely painful sores all over her face…

Stories like this make me wonder why this kind of thing is not common knowledge yet…


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  1. Consider how many people insist on an antibiotic when they visit their doctor with a cold, or???. they feel cheated if they dont leave with a prescription and I know many who have changed doctors because their guy just tells them to ride it out, that it will get better. Which it usually does. And would have with the antibiotic too, but who is to say whether the antibiotic was responsible. But so often, the antibiotic is then revered because IT “made them better”

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