This will be a shorter one, and I don’t know if I’ll get time to write much  more this week… it’s one of those times where home life and both parents’ professional lives have crazybusy times that are all colliding, which doesn’t make for much time for bloggage…

The green status report, though: things are going okay. I did actually eat all that brown rice and will absolutely be making more whenever there’s an hour-long stretch of time when I’m at home and awake and can make it happen, probably the same time as I’m trying to make more bread. I’ll probably go for an even bigger batch this time and freeze some in portions per my mom’s suggestion–this is another food (like beans and pumpkin puree and who knows what else) that would probably do well if I freeze it in muffin tins, and then take the nice little half-cup pre-measured ricemuffins out to thaw one or two at a time…that’s a great way to freeze stuff, because you know how much you have and the smaller portions thaw easily in soups or the microwave or whatever.

The snow is melting, which has its ups and downs–mostly ups, of course, but the kids and husband are coming in tracking just mounds of mud these days, and there’s this unfortunate thing that happens when you have two dogs in a dog run over the winter, especially when a couple of weeks go by when it snows every few days.  The poopiles we didn’t manage to scoop up between snows build up like archaeological relics, and then when the snow melts they all hit the ground together, and it’s fairly unpleasant.  But on the other hand, the perennial herbs are starting to think about spring, and I can already tell that the unidentified chamomile I bought last spring not knowing whether it was annual or perennial is in fact perennial, and instead of two chamomile plants this year I will in effect have two chamomile patches. Which is cool.  Later this spring chamomile will hopefully get its own post–it’s a fairly amazing plant!

So in the meantime, come over to the Green Phone Booth and check out my post for the APLS carnival that will be posted on The Good Life on March 15 or so; I’ll try and put a shout for it over here when it happens.  Have a good week!


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