Technical Difficulties

Hi all–

Just a brief post in apology, especially for any of my readers who subscribe through a feed…I’ve been having problems lately with my scheduled posts, where I’ll have something set for one time, change my mind, go in and think I’ve changed or un-scheduled it, and then it appears anyway.  Which means it automatically goes out to anyone subscribed.  Which means if I didn’t want it published, it’s published anyway in the readers but not in my blog and anyone who went looking for it elsewhere wouldn’t find it, or might find it posted again the next day or so or on another blog entirely…

This morning for about 2 hours, the post that I meant to use at the Green Phone Booth next week got published to this blog, which was not supposed to happen, and I know I went back after I decided to post it there instead of here and un-scheduled it, but clearly I messed up or my wireless connection punked out at exactly the wrong moment, so there it was.  So if anyone did get it, and you see it show up on the Booth next Friday, that’s why, and I apologize!



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