Bob’s Red Mill going employee owned!

The other day I put up a post about Ben and Jerry’s promise to go completely Fair Trade with their ingredients by 2013.  Okay, so they still use HFCS in their ice cream and source their rBGH-free milk  from not-necessarily-happy cows (I got a preliminary response to my email from the creamery, saying they’ll get back to me next week since the main guy is out of town), but a commitment to Fair Trade is a good thing.

Here’s another similar happy tale: Bob’s Red Mill is going employee-owned. Bob is retiring, and while like many similar businesses he could have made a tidy bundle selling to some corporate conglomerate that wanted a piece of the organic action.  But he chose not to.  A quote from Bob Moore on why he made this choice: “I could not sell the company. I don’t think there’s anybody worthy to run this company but the people who built it.” Amen.

I’ve supported Bob’s Red Mill products for years, just because they are good products.  Now I have another reason.


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  1. There is no HFCS in Ben & Jerry’s and they don’t use rBGH. I’m a bit confused.


    Also found they are also using cage free eggs soon (I know that doesn’t mean a lot but it’s better than nothing)

    I did find one site that says these have HFCS-
    Ben & Jerry’s – Chubby Hubby
    Ben & Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia
    Ben & Jerry’s – Neapolitan Dynamite
    Ben & Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia Body & Soul
    Ben & Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia Low Fat Frozen Yogurt Pints
    Ben & Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia Original Ice Cream Singles

    But I have never had those before but this site was old so still looking to see if it’s still in there.

  3. greenmomintheburbs

    Lisa–You’re right; I’ve corrected the post above. Somewhere a couple of words got left out (like the word “free” after “rBGH”–OOPS, that was a big one!)…

    But a few of the flavors at least do use HFCS. I have not done an exhaustive cataloguing, but Cherry Garcia, my husband’s favorite flavor, does indeed use the stuff. At least that’s what this carton says…

    Thanks for catching my BIG blurgh there; I have no idea why that happened!

  4. haha I do that all the time. I was worried.

    I had never seen the HFCS cause I don’t eat any of the ones that have it. Hopefully that will be their next step. They seem to listen to what their customers want.

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