I LOVE this pattern site!

It frankly drives my husband crazy how much time I spend blog-hopping, reading, clicking, linking, following links, and so forth…he thinks I’m addicted. (I’m not. I don’t have a problem.  I can stop any time I want to.  Really.)

For me I think it’s more like the way some women are with shopping…they go to the stores, they peruse and they shuffle through rack after rack and store after store, and every once in a while that rare treasure will present itself.

Today in the blogosphere I found such a treasure: a blog called “Indietutes: tutorials, ideas, and digressions for creative people.”

This is the site of Yet Another Mommy Blogger…and yet not.  Because she’s one of those rare people who’s literate about how clothing is put together the way some of us are learning to be literate about how to make something for dinner.  That’s probably the best analogy I can think of–when I started cooking, it was all about the recipe, or mostly, because I’d grown up watching my mom cook with supreme inexactitude (“How much is a teaspoon, Mom?” “Umm…” she tosses some cinnamon into her palm and then tosses it into the bowl, “About that much.”) and learned when inexactitude works and when it’s just plain not a good idea.  Now I tend to look at a recipe for ideas and basic quantities but then head into the kitchen and do what feels right.

That’s what this site is like.  She sells patterns for clothes at her etsy shop, but she also is very open about giving lots of free instructions and advice and tutorials on her blog.  She just sort of Knows how it all works, and is eager to help other people learn how it works too.  Check out this adorable lace-up dress for a little girl–it’s the kind of thing you could buy a pattern for, but you hardly need to, because her instructions are so good. I’m totally going to try something like this for my daughter this summer.

I’m afraid I sew the way I cook–I hate hate hate printed patterns.  They make me crazy. They make me have no fun at all sewing, and if I’m not going to enjoy it, I’m sure as hell not ever going to do it.  But I will probably head over to etsy and buy a couple of her patterns anyway (maybe the Revolutions Frock) to support her awesome work…and in the hopes that maybe a woman who can explain on a tutorial blog site as well as she does might be able to create print patterns I actually like…it could happen!

p.s. I don’t think I ever posted up here pictures of our final result family Renaissance Faire costumes that I made myself…also made without printed patterns, although my own gown I did use a fairly precise drafting software for. I’m terribly proud of these, and a lot of the historical costume people thought my daughter was the cutest thing ever…

My gown is based on Flemish working women’s dress and, though machine-sewn, uses pretty much historical construction as far as anyone knows.  My son designed his own bear coat of arms.  Both he and my daughter’s costumes are made out of really cheap dollar-a-yard cotton broadcloath and even cheaper muslin, and both of our straw hats are courtesy of the thrift store.

The spiderman gym shoes are not period, but one can do what one can do, right?


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