Banning Bakesales for Doritos? *facepalm*

Another entry in the Monumentally Stupid What Are They Thinking category:

No Brownies at Bake Sales, But Doritos May Be Okay.



Nine months after effectively banning most fund-raising food sales in city schools, a city panel will vote Wednesday on an amended regulation that will allow student groups to sell items like Pop-Tarts and Doritos during the school day, but not brownies, zucchini bread or anything else homemade.

The new regulation is meant as a compromise between the city’s concerns about childhood obesity— which they cite as the reason for the restrictions — and the fund-raising needs of student and parent groups, some of which are struggling amid difficult economic times, especially after losing one of their most lucrative sources of revenue.

Under the new rules, students may sell fresh fruits and vegetables, or one of 27 specific packaged items that have been approved for sales in city vending machines, between the start of school and 6 p.m. on weekdays. The same goes for parent groups, except for an exception carved out for one no-brownies-barred Parent Teacher Association bake sale during the school day per month.

No homemade or unpackaged items are on the list of “approved” foods because “it’s impossible to know what the content is, or what the portion size is,” said Kathleen Grimm, the deputy chancellor for infrastructure and portfolio planning, who oversees the regulation….

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I just can’t begin to comment on this.  And note that they are not talking peanut allergy here, or stuff like that, they are seeing this as a move to combat childhood obesity.

We already can’t take anything homemade to school for children’s birthday treats, and gone are the days of making cupcakes for the first grade class.  But this–this–is just ridiculous.


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  1. Wow, just wow. You can’t have this home baked brownie because it will make you fat, but , here have some Pop Tarts. That makes perfect sense. What could possibly be in the home baked items that would be worse than Pop Tarts? I’d rather my kids ate an entire tray of brownies, thank you.

  2. I am speechless!
    At the same time there is this raging battle to get rid of junk food and sodas in vending machines in schools. I am with the mom above – keep those poptarts, hostess hohos and the like away from my kids (grandkids, actually)!

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