“I’m an Olympian Athlete…and I eat at McDonalds!”

Yeah, right.  So why is McDonald’s the official sponsor of the 2010 Olympics?

Check out this essay by a 12-year-old–yes, seriously, she’s 12–weighing in on the topic.  (I thought it was a wonderful, thoughtful, persuasive essay even before I knew she was 12.  Someone hire this girl fast!)

I found the link to her on PhD in Parenting, one of my favorite parenting blogs–another really good and well-thought-out post on the topic. Though one of the author’s points–one that made and continues to make good sense to me–was that no way were the athletes actually eating this crap they were peddling, because as athletes they need to take care of their bodies to win, and this article at ValueTheMeal.org tells about the three new McD’s built in Vancouver this year to feed the athletes and their families. So…I just don’t know.

And while I don’t necessarily think Subway is that fantastic–though as far as I know they don’t sell ammoniaburgersthis article about swimmer Michael Phelps and his Subway endorsement cracked me up.


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  1. My husband and I laughed when we saw that ads. Yeah right they are eating McDonald’s! lol

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