Found a new product…Everyday Shea

I’d been meaning to write about this for a while, and today Erin’s post over at The Conscious Shopper inspired me to just sit down and do it…

A couple of weeks ago I was hitting the local Whole Foods trying to find a new shampoo, since my hair had reached the point with my old one that it Just Wasn’t Doing The Trick any more. (That has always happened to me, by the way…there’ll be this product I love, and I’ll use it for a couple of years, and then at some point my hair just goes all Blah and I have to switch to something else for a couple of months.  When I come back to it, it’s usually fine again.)  Part of my goal was to not spend $14 for an 8 oz. bottle of the stuff.

So in the middle of the aisle I see this display with giant bottles of shampoo and conditioner, brand name “Everyday Shea.” I picked one up to check it out: $9.99 for one of those huge pump bottles that’ll last for ages.  I was a little trepidatious, though–$9.99 for a giant 32 oz. bottle of something I buy and wind up hating isn’t a good deal at all, and the waste involved in that would also bug me enough that I’d probably feel like I had to finish the bottle anyway…but enough about my personal neuroses…

I asked one of the salespeople about it, and she said it was literally brand-new yesterday and thus obviously had no reviews or anything from buyers or employees, but that the Everyday Shea lotion they’d carried for a while was awesome.  So I figured…why not?

Review: I like it.  Two weeks and my hair is behaving well; not heavy and greasy, and not dry and flyaway.  This stuff seems to be striking a good balance in terms of how much moisture my hair needs.  I love that it only has bout five ingredients.  Almost better–I looked on the company’s website, and I really like what they’re about–it’s a Togolese community cooperative, and 10% of all proceeds go back into the coop.  Community-owned and run, part of Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care, part of its goal is to use indigenous African resources (in this case, shea butter) to enrich the economic lives of the local people rather than big corporations and such.   (The hair care products are apparently new enough that they haven’t even got them on their website yet…)

This is a company I’d be happy to support, even if the product weren’t as fine as it is, or as affordable as it is…but it’s also a good shampoo for a really good price!  If you see it anywhere, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

(UPDATE: Still like it a couple of weeks later, but I discovered that it moisturizes so well that if I use conditioner, my hair gets all weighed down after a while.  I was using my conditioner anyway, because, well, it’s WINTER and I always need conditioner in the winter.  Once I stopped, this shampoo was able to do the work of both, no froozldy ends or over-staticked flyawayness…I’m liking it better and better. And it still doesn’t get the roots greasy.)


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  1. I just started using this stuff about 6 weeks ago – I can’t BELIEVE how awesome my hair is!!!!
    shiny, moisturized, not greasy…
    I have used it both with and without a separate conditioner, right now I’m on the conditioner kick but I rinse it out FULLY and use a cold water rinse and it kicks butt.
    seriously I should have been using this years ago.
    The only thing I don’t really care for is the scent – I find “Vanilla Mint” just smells like chewing gum! LOL
    If they’re not going to make scents I personally like, I really wish they had an unscented version.

  2. they do have unscented..and they have lavender too. i love it too….regular shampoo just irritates my scalp and the rest of me too! this is awesome and soothing.

  3. I bought the Vanilla Mint shampoo and conditioner, and I have to say I love the scent– to each her own I guess! The shampoo was great, a nice lather and it made my hair feel very clean, but I was not happy with the conditioner. When I unscrewed the bottle at the store it appeared to be a very thick and emollient texture, but when you pump it out it’s more like a medium-thick yogurt consistency and does not detangle my hair well at all. I figured with Shea it would be awesome for moisture and thickness, but honestly I spent more time brushing my hair after using it than I had with my old conditioner I was purposely replacing. Granted, my hair smells great and now that I’ve worked on it it feels great too, but for me it’s just not thick enough to do the trick. I want to run a comb through my hair in the morning and not worry about tons of breakage. I’ll probably use the shampoo for awhile but I’ll be searching for a different conditioner!

    In case anyone is wondering, for reference, my hair is not unruly by any means. It’s fine and I have a LOT of it, but the top layer is coarse only because I blow dry everyday. If this conditioner couldn’t do it for me, I wouldn’t even try it with curly or thick hair!

    • Noelle–
      Thanks, this is good to hear! I’m honestly not surprised about the conditioner; i have yet to find a “natural” conditioner that works worth a damn, beyond the basic homemade hot oil treatment thing. It’s also very good to hear what experiences folks with different hair types have with this product…

      • I totally agree on the conditioner part-I just used this for the first time today and while using it I had to add my normal “salon quality” conditioner just to get through my hair. I was trying to get away from all the chemicals that are used in regular non organic cleansers but I’m not sure that anything will do the trick. Does anyone know of anything organic that is creamier and will get through hair better?
        -I also don’t have unmanageable hair by any means though it has been colored. I have fine hair and it seemed to break A LOT when using this product 😦
        -Has anyone had this problem and stuck it out for better results?
        -On a side note, the body wash and lotion seem to be great so far!

      • Try Curelle conditioner it’s one of the best ones out there. The shampoo is good too but if you have a greasy scalp I find it doesn’t get rid of that well.–P10679C2718.aspx

        Tonight I”m just going to try the Everyday Shea shampoo vanilla mint.

  4. Laurie, I honestly haven’t had breakage problems with the shampoo (still haven’t tried the conditioner)–but what I do for my hair every couple of weeks is a homemade hot oil treatment–just a little warm olive oil (with rosemary if you want, or other herbs, but they are not necessary) massaged through damp hair (especially the ends), wrapped in a towel for half an hour or so, and then washed out. REALLY WELL. Sometimes my hair doesn’t want to give up all the oil…anyway, doing that regularly makes daily conditioner almost unnecessary for me now. Also, brushing through my hair well BEFORE I wash it makes it ten times easier after its clean–for my daughter too. Let me know if you try the hot oil thing, how it works!

  5. Don’t be fooled by these so called healthy natural shampoos. They’re no all safe. For instance, this shampoo has an ingredient in it that rates 5 on the 0 to 10 hazard scale:
    I had it in my hand today at Whole Foods and thought I’d better check it first before buying. is a great site for checking out ingredients/products that we put on our bodies.
    I just found it last night after having my scalp scab over from a so called ” “Natural Organic” product. Best to do homework if you want to find a truly safe product! Jason, for example, I found had several bad ingredients in it. So disappointing!

  6. Yeah, I know…sort of sad to say that anything that comes in at a 5 or under is about the best I can do most of the time…I compromise by only washing my hair every other day now; I know it’s not the best…

    But at least I can get behind their business model; THAT I am all for. I’d rather use an only-semi-natural shampoo from a community co-op than one from a big old factory somewhere…thanks for the link to the database, though!

  7. Thanks for that website! I’ve been plugging in all kinds of ingredients and shared it on my facebook. So I’d like to add a grain of salt to the post — even vitamins produced low to moderate ratings, GSE came in with a 4, and zinc oxide rated 2-5. My point is to read all the reasons below in “types of concerns” why they rate, who the reference is, and assess for yourself. Half of the references reviewed coca-betaine as safe while half only “suspected” that it may cause an allergic reaction or pollutant. So don’t just go by the number alone. You can even plug in brand names, but Everyday Shea hasn’t registered in their data yet. Burt’s Bees, Kiss My Face, and Tom’s products came in with much higher numbers! If this was the only ingredient to be concerned with, unless you’re allergic to it, I think it still sounds like a good product. Hope I can try it sometime.

  8. Worst organic shampoo & conditioner ever!! The Vanilla Mint smell reminds me of a bathroom freshener at an old person restaurant and the texture of both products is just awful! The shampoo does a terrible job of washing out pomades or hair product residue. And the conditioner….has the same consistency and feel as cheap Vaseline lotion! Doesn’t glide on through your hair and you need to use a detangler afterwards to brush your hair!

    Worst product from Whole Foods ever!

    • Good to hear the counterpoint view! And it sounds, Dasha, like you have some issues other commenters haven’t tried–I don’t generally use product of any kind in my hair, so I wouldn’t even be aware of the issues with getting it out. I didn’t care for the vanilla mint scent either (oh, and “bathroom freshener at an old person restaurant”–PRICELESS!), which is why I got the lavender (which is honestly really nice!), and I never tried the conditioner…(like I said in the post, it was heavy enough in my very fine oil-prone hair that I didn’t need conditioner when I used it.)

      So…helpful to hear more of the downsides!

  9. I loved the shampoo but the conditioner just doesn’t do the trick for me. I have a lot of long thick hair and I cannot even run a comb through after using the conditioner. Its the consistency of lotion and I agree that it does not glide thorough. I have to use 6 or 7 pumps (and that is not an exaggeration). I love what the company is about though so kudos to them.

  10. I’d like to try this, but the cheapest I can find it here in Canada (granted, I haven’t done an intensive Google search, well, I did, and I found this article) is $17.99, even up to $19 something. I’ll have to be making more money before I can afford that. But it looks good…

    I have fine, oily scalped hair too, and the reason I’m looking around is due to either Dr. Bronners (which I suspect is the culprit because when I put my hair under the bath tub faucet, there’s STILL suds washing out, and it’s mostly oil that’s in it… great for foaming hand soap, just a bit in the bottom of a foaming pump, and great body wash though), but maybe I’m just putting too much of it on my head… or it might be the Nature Clean Unscented Herbal Conditioner. If it’s the latter, it’s quite a shame because I praised it for how well it got the tangles out of my hair (and my hair tangles). One of them or both is causing my hair to look incredibly, disgustingly greasy ever since the temperature consistently stayed above the freezing point.

    I know Life Brand, a pharmacy (Shoppers’ Drug Mart) brand once had a shea butter shampoo and conditioner that made my hair absolutely gorgeous! Then they discontinued it. 😦 Which is why this product appeals to me. Just can’t afford it right now.

  11. Oops… Bronners in the bottom of a foaming pump, and fill the rest with water. Really have to proofread…

  12. I use the lavender Everyday Shea shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They are all great products at amazing prices. I used to use Herbal Essences, but it wasn’t too friendly to my curls, neither was Pantene, Garnier, Loreal or anything else in most stores. I even tried products from Trader Joe’s, but they made me break out on my neck, face and scalp due to the overdrying.

    Everyday Shea is really moisturizing and gentle without losing its ability to cleanse. I have naturally curly hair, so if it isn’t treated properly, it looks frizzy and dried out. A few days after I started using this, my skin cleared up, started to feel moisturized again and my hair was in noticeably better condition. My curls now look shiny and healthy, and I let my hair air dry without adding any additional products. The conditioner is also great and the body wash has reduced my skin’s dryness. The body lotion is also fantastic, absorbs well, smells good and the softness lasts. I give all of the lavender products a 10/10. I’ve heard bad things about the vanilla mint scent though, so you might want to avoid that one.

    • My sister and cousin just recommended I try the body wash and reading these comments and yours I might just have to try the shampoo as well. I have very thick long curly hair and recently I have started breaking out on my scalp. Normally to keep my hair frizzyness under control I use conditioner in the shower as well as leave in and a couple hair products for the curl. Maybe I can cut a lot of that out with this product. Thanks!

      • So I ended up getting the shampoo and body wash. While I like the body wash I had to stop using my shampoo exclusively. I was getting tons of buildup from it. I started using Organic Excellence and love the shampoo and conditioner, it is working wonders with my hair.

  13. I’m lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving this shampoo..was looking for a natural shea butter based shampoo that’s ‘wheat protein free’ n not too I was pretty apprehensive about the ‘moisturizing’ quality of this Shampoo bcos of it’s unbelievable price BUT the 1st time I used it I was impressed and a week after that I’m just loving it.Hope they don’t stop making this/add some allergic ingredient to this !

  14. I found the shampoo to be very heavy and leave a residue on my hair. I tried rinsing with apple-cider vinegar and that didn’t help. I decided to by distilled water and diluted the shampoo and that has seemed to work. I use Andalou Naturals conditioner (sweet orange and argan oil). The two products seem to work well together after diluting the shampoo.

  15. I bought Everyday Shea shampoo in lavender two days ago and love the ingredients, smell, etc! Though I can feel a little buildup in the back where it’s harder to rinse, the way it makes my hair feel is worth it.

    For those of you who like natural products but dislike buildup from them, baking soda is a good option! Sounds crazy, but people use it all the time:

    Another conditioning option (Seems like I’m not the only one who hasn’t had luck with natural conditioners) is apple cider vinegar, which can be found at any health food store:

  16. I love both the shampoo and the conditioner, but especially the conditioner. I have fine wavy hair and this conditioner gives me back my natural spiral curls, it’s a keeper for me, even if it does smell like gum! Next time I shall get the unscented though!

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