“Local” mushrooms?

Okay, the other day I was sort of harried into stepping into the Ordinary Grocery Store.   Needed mushrooms.

Saw these mushrooms, honestly wasn’t really looking for local, but hey, they trumpeted it loudly on the package.  I was immediately suspicious:

I read the small print.  They are from California.  I live in Illinois.



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  1. I hate that. I got irritated the other day as well. I was looking for fruit for the kids and told them it had to be from the US. There was a huge sign advertising US grown grapes, the bags were all clearly labeled that they were from Chile. I’m not sure when Chile became a part of the US.

  2. anyone tried to grow your own mushrooms? you can get “kits” for doing this or can just buy the dirt and spores, I guess they are. you need a cool dark damp place and it really works! (I never have tried it but have several friends who do.)

  3. I saw asparagus imported from Peru in my local grocery. Huh? I’d rather wait until spring and buy it at the market. In a couple years, mine will be mature and I”ll get it fresh from the backyard. But Peru? Nope.

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