Preparing to can!

Look what I bought!

Secondhand on ebay for cheap; this spring and summer I won’t have to do two pints at a time while being amazingly careful of my non-stick-coated soup pan…I can do quarts now.  Seven of them. At once.

It’s got a little chip, and a little water staining on the wire rack.  So it’s not perfect.  But it’s perfectly good.  And it’s mine.   This summer it’ll be red sauce…and in the fall, enough applesauce to get us through the winter…

I’m happy.


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  1. Yeah!! Have fun with it.

  2. cool! we bought one like that to preserve our blueberry jam. i didn’t think i could preserve apple sauce too… COOL 🙂

  3. What a coincidence! I bought one of those this weekend too. I got mine off of Craigslist, along with a dehydrator and 130 jars in various sizes. Oh yes, I have big plans!

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