I got a shoe, you got a shoe…(my not-so-new Eco-Sneaks!)

My friends tell me I must be the only woman in the greater Chicago area, or possibly the Western world, who has just about zero interest in shoe shopping.

It may partially be because I have really big feet, and the makers of shoes seem to have done extensive market testing which proves that a) women with big feet, who also tend to be tall (because of the whole, you know, proportionality thing), must want 4 inch heels all the time to make them even taller and b) women with big feet must have this deep desire for really ugly shoes.  Seriously.  Go look in a shoe store at the bigger sizes–they are almost always just ridiculously ugly.  So having no desire to be 6’2″ with ugly shoes, shoe shopping for me has devolved to something below bra shopping and only a shade better than trying to buy a swimsuit.

I absolutely can’t stand getting involved in games of “greener-than-thou” (for one thing, I’d almost always lose, though that’s not the reason)–but there’s something about getting my first pair of sustainable shoes, secondhand on ebay, that enables a small amount of smugness.

(Would have been even more sustainable if they hadn’t had to ship, I guess.  I’ll work on that.)

That is a photo of my new-to-me Eco-Sneaks, made by SimpleShoes.  They are made out of cotton, hemp, and recycled inner tubes and car tires.  And they are cute.  And comfy.  Love them. (Others should be warned that these are not your faboo-super-foot-support kinds of gym shoes; no arch support to speak of, although the insoles are nicely cushioned–these are several steps up from the cheesy white lace-ups we used to get at Kmart when we still shopped there.  But I have flat feet, so the lack of arch support doesn’t bother me. One could probably find a supportive insole if one wanted…) And now I know that the Eco-Sneaks sizing system works for my feet, which is even more important–I got these shoes for what I’d probably pay in shipping if I bought a new pair and then had to return them because they didn’t fit. And now I know if I do choose to invest in a new pair of SimpleShoes that at least they’ll fit when they arrive. (They do have sales sometimes…)

I won’t get to wear these much till spring, unfortunately.   But I have a feeling once everything thaws out and all, I’ll practically live in these things.  They’re cute enough that I can wear them to work with skirts, and comfy enough that I can go for walks in them.

Love. These. Shoes.


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  1. Andrew bought a pair of simple shoes that he loves as well. Unfortunately, when I went online to buy shoes from the company, i noticed a HUGE discrepancy between Canadian and American prices…. especially since our dollar is at parity right now. When I emailed them they basically answered- ‘too bad so sad’. so, instead of paying 300$ for a pair of boots that in the states cost 69$, I shopped with another company. 😦

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    Get OUT, they didn’t! Wow. That’s pretty jerky.

    Well, they do pop up on ebay every now and then…if you like the shoes, I guess that might be a way to go…but I totally don’t blame you!

    (Thank you for giving me one good reason not to emigrate, though. 🙂 Usually everything in Canada sounds better than here…less so since the election, I guess. 🙂

  3. hahaha, yes Stephen Harper sucks. Obama rocks 🙂

    good suggestion! I will keep an eye out- in the meantime, Andrew does love his shoes…. lol.

  4. I love my Simple Shoes!!! I have that same kind, they ARE very comfortable, but they are getting rather scruffy looking. I want a new pair, but haven’t myself into buying them yet

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