People with Brains Rebut Anti-School-Gardener…

A few days ago I posted a link to the Monumentally Stupidly Ridiculous article in The Atlantic detailing why school gardens will mean the end of society as we know it.  I ranted a little bit, too.

Fortunately, other bloggers with clearer heads posted their own rebuttals:

Jill Richardson at La Vida Locavore details how many other “subjects” children touch on while gardening. (This is my favorite.)

Tom Philpott over at Grist also takes a good look at school gardens and tries to offer a balanced and rant-free critique of the original article.

And Kurt Michael Frieze, also of Grist, offers a critique that is far more pointed, also worth a read.

Then there’s the one you’ll find here, which has links to a bunch of others…

I still can’t believe The Atlantic published anything this ridiculous.


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