What is “Cap and Trade” anyway?

Annie Leonard’s “The Story of Stuff” video is something I recommend to everyone who’s even on the faintest verge of stepping onto the greenpath…

She also put out a little video about Cap and Trade –a pair of words I’ve heard thrown around a lot but not quite understood.  I watched her video, thought, “wow, okay, I maybe sort of get it now,” and felt very happy.

Then I ran across a couple of scathing critiques of that same little video–Dave Roberts in Grist takes it on, as does Eric LaPlace at Sightline Daily.  (He then does it again here and actualy catalogues some of the errors he finds in it.)

I’m not going to tell everyone what to think, what or whom to believe…but I would suggest that reading both sides of the question is a good thing.

(and for the record…I tend to think Machiavelli had a point…so I’m inclined to pay attention to Annie, but still agree more with her critics.)

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  1. I’m anti-cap & trade. I think we can do a lot better. Look who supports the bill, big oil and big coal, if they support it I can.

  2. greenmomintheburbs

    Oh, I certainly think those who are definitively against it have a HUGE point. And I’m not arguing with anyone here–it sort of sucks when we have a limited number of not-very-good choices and have to pick whichever one we think is the least worst. (Least worst?) I personally tend to take the “noodge noodge noodge get what we can” approach with the hope that we’ll keep noodging and keep advancing. Not that it’ll happen quickly enough. Sigh…

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