Call DCFS…I’m teaching my children to garden.

Wow.  I mean, okay, WOW.

Check out this article in The Atlantic–normally I love that publication, and lots of really interesting articles come from them.  But this, one, as it tries to paint the schoolyard garden movement–specifically Edible Schoolyard, a program in Berkeley, CA–as a program that will doom our nation’s children to a life of illiteracy and menial labor (and by the way, availability of healthy food has no relationship to the huge rises in childhood obesity, says the auther), is just plain weird.

I read the whole thing.  It was a struggle to make it–it was so surreal and wordy and absolutely bizarre–but I made it.  I just so completely don’t get it…



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  1. Wow indeed! Ms Caitlin must have been in he throes of serious PMS when she wrote this article! I dont get her argument at all; well, maybe a little in that the program COULD be not tied to any sort of reading/writing/math/science/etc. skills, turning kids into field hands, but I can see enormous possibilities to use a program like this to teach all of the above and get in some health/physical activity as well! Right now the status quo in education seems to be producing a lot of illiterate obese children, so……..

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