Give us this day our Daily Red…

The other day I wrote about our yummy pasta dinner, made and enjoyed in honor of our friend Joe the Pasta Guy. (And may I say, I’d put my first attempt at marinara sauce up against anyone’s sweet nonna’s…okay, maybe not Nonna herself, but the sauce anyone makes based on Nonna’s recipe…) (Not to toot my own horn, nor to guarantee that I can reproduce it, but this came out as one very good pasta sauce.)

That afternoon I’d purchased a bottle of red wine from our local Whole Foods: the stuff is called Our Daily Red, and it’s a simple red wine, a blend of syrah, carignan, and cabernet grapes.  It’s also organic, vegan, and sulfite-free. It’s made by the Orleans Hill Winery in California.

For me the lack of sulfites is a big deal, because I’m allergic to them.  On the one hand, it keeps me honest–most wines I can only have maybe a glass of, which I need to nurse for the whole evening.  Otherwise I just plain start sneezing and can’t stop.  Sulfite sensitivity is not unusual (as differentiated from the infamous Red Wine Headache, which is something else entirely…I occasionally get those too, but only from really heavy reds and oddly only cheap heavy reds.)  Honestly, it wouldn’t kill me to only drink one glass of wine, but I hate not having the choice, you know? It’s so weird, it’s like there’s one sip between “okay” and “ahchoo.”

I really liked this wine.  It was simple, probably won’t win any awards, not very complex, but very nice.  I’d happily drink it again.  Unfortunately my husband doesn’t care for it (he and I are compatible about many things, but wine is seldom one of them), so I’ll probably be on my own in the future with it, but it might be worth having around for the nights when he wants a nice cabernet which I can’t drink. And I’ll keep an eye out for the other Orleans Winery wines, and maybe try the Cote Zero or Syrah

On the other hand…the lack of sneeziness and/or fear meant that I drank three glasses that night (which meant I failed all the center of balance exercises on the Wii Fit) , which is something I don’t really need to be doing on school nights.  So it’s a trade-off.



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