The Most Important Meal of the Day? Fine, whatever. (Healthy Whole Breakfast ideas)

I don’t like breakfast.  I don’t care how many people tell me I really should eat it, I just don’t much like to.  My idea of a good breakfast is a nice cafe au lait.  Has a little protein from the milk, right?

On the other hand, I am also overweight and tend to do a bit of late-night calorie-loading, so maybe if I made a conscious effort to have a decent breakfast in the morning I could back off on some of the other eating I do during the day and in the evening…

Ran across this article on Eat Drink Better, with 11 ideas for healthy breakfasts.  They look pretty good, though none of them are all that crazy nuts surprising.  Stuff like yogurt with fruit and nuts and a little honey, or veggie omelet with turkey bacon (why use the turkey bacon, is my question–you get protein with the egg?), banana with nut butter, stuff like that.  Cereal with fruit and milk, for a truly novel suggestion. But they all look fairly yummy.

A couple of the more unique offerings in that article–it suggested oatmeal, of course, but also had brown rice as one of its suggestions.  Add a little cinnamon and a handful of raisins, it suggests, and it’s good to go.  And the kind of breakfast I’d be likely to eat, honestly, was on the list: an apple, a slice of cheese, and a handful of nuts.

Which brings me to my other rebellion: why do we supposedly have to eat breakfast foods in the morning? Whose idea was it to decree that certain foods are “morning” foods and others are more appropriate for lunch or dinner?

So, my idea of some of the breakfasts that I like:

  • leftover pasta (whole wheat is healthiest) with chunky marinara sauce and a little parmesan. And yes, I eat it cold.
  • leftover pizza–again, if you used whole grain crust and lots of veggies on top, there’s a nice balanced meal right there.
  • “pizza” that’s not necessarily leftover: take a whole grain bagel or english muffin half, put a little chunky marinara sauce and some grated cheese on it, and broil or toast in the toaster oven
  • When you make brown rice, barley, or any other grain for dinner, make some extra and save it for breakfast: heat in the microwave and mix with some combination of the following: brown sugar or honey/cut up fruit/milk/cinnamon (tastes like rice pudding), or butter/salt/parmesan/oregano, or a little pesto sauce, or a little chunky marinara, almost anything you’d put on pasta is good in any other grain.
  • Take a wheat tortilla and fill it with whatever the heck you want–sprouts, veggies, tomatoes, cheese, rice (or barley or other grain), some pieces of whatever your main dish was the night before…whatever. Fold it into a wrap or burrito. Yes, you’re allowed to have a burrito for breakfast that doesn’t have an egg in it.
  • Another tortilla thought–smear some nut butter on it, drizzle with a little honey, and dollop some yogurt on top of that. Throw some cut up fruit (apples and bananas are what we have around, but hey, whatever!) and/or raisins or other dried fruit on top of that, and wrap it all up.  Who says you can’t have fruit in a sandwich?
  • Leftovers.  Almost anything you ate for dinner last night is not a bad idea for breakfast, as long as it has some good fiber and fruit/veggieness and stuff in it.  How about a bowl of sweet potatoes with a little honey and cinnamon sprinkled on?  If you want to make it “breakfasty” you could have it over a little oatmeal.  Whatever vegetables you ate last night, heat them up and eat them–put them in an omelette if you must, but you don’t have to, a serving of whole grain anything with them would be just fine.

In short, the best breakfast to me is often exactly what the best lunch or dinner might be.  And if you like the quintissentially breakfasty foods, heck, eat them for lunch and dinner if you want!  Be daring. Be a rebel.  Eat what you want, when you want.

After all, everyone else’s mother says it’s the most important meal of the day. Mine doesn’t, because she doesn’t eat breakfast either.


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