Adventures of the Puking Preschooler (homemade “pedia-lyte” recipe)

My little girl is sick.  It’s so sad and pathetic; normally she’s a huge drama queen, playing up every little event into a giant production of emotion and earth-shattering import, but now she feels too yucky to even muster the drama, which is how I know she’s really sick.

She wasn’t hungry yesterday, which didn’t surprise us too much because she has days like that.  But when by dinnertime she announced that she was “full” before taking a single bite, we were on alert, and then before bedtime when my husband handed her to me saying, “Is it me, or does she feel warm?” it took about two second to realize she was radiating heat like a little oven, and then on the way to her bedroom before we could even take her temperature all the fluid and the three bites of food she’d eaten all day came out onto the carpet.   Subsequent trips made it to the toilet…mostly.  It was a long night.

So now we’re faced with the whole concern of not letting her get dehydrated, trying to walk the balance between giving her stuff that’s not going to stay down anyway and trying to get some caloried and fluid and electrolytes into her.  She’s been keeping things down for maybe a half an hour before they come back up again, and we had some “pedia-lyte pops” kind of popsicle things in the freezer from when my husband was sick (He thinks Gator-ade and Pedia-lyte are “healthy” things to have when you’re ill.  I read the ingredient labels and I’m not so sure.) which I grudgingly consented to let him give her during this morning when I was at work. I am now regretting that grudging consent, having found the LabelWatch site, which tells exactly what’s in the stuff…

So, me being me, I hit Google, and came up with numerous recipes for “make your own Pedia-lyte.”  The people who simply are trying to save money will have ingredients like jello mix and kool-aid, but the upshot seems to be that adding a little salt and baking soda to a juice solution will pretty much do the trick.  A few sites suggest using sea salt rather than “ordinary” table salt because the trace minerals it contains match very closely what we need.  Others suggested Morton’s “Lite” salt because it has added potassium, but I honestly don’t know anything about that. A surprising number included gelatin of some kind–I don’t really know why, unless it’s because it is part of the jello mix they like to use, or if they want it to be more syrupy or something…This site has some good information and is one I paid more information to than some of the others…

Most of the reasonable-looking recipes seem to boil down to something like this (normally I link to my “originating” recipe when I’m tweaking, but honestly this is a complete mishmash of lots of different versions and bears no real resemblance to any of them…this one comes closest, though…):

RECIPE FOR HERBAL ORAL REHYDRATION SOLUTION (cheaper than Pedia-lyte and with no scary ingredients):

Stir together till dissolved (easier when tea is warm):

  • 1 liter water or brewed herbal tea (chamomile, mint, and/or ginger are all very soothing to the intestinal tract)
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda (bicarbonate of soda).
  • 2 tablespoons of Honey or sugar
  • Juice of 1 fresh lemon (optional)

Remains to be seen whether my little drama queen–who is feeling a bit better by this afternoon–will actually drink the stuff, but it’s worth a try.

In the meantime…we need to go do some laundry.  Sigh.


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